Green Bay Beach New year cleanup


We decided to kick off 2023 the right way!

After the party comes the clean-up, but this time we were cleaning up our local playground. Green Bay, Protaras, is known not only for its epic beaches but also one of the most visited diving areas on the Island. In the warmer months, the legendary dudes (Green Sea Turtles - Chelonia mydas) call this spot their home. Fun fact: it’s also the birthplace of the Salty Souls.

The rough seas in the last weeks of 2022, managed to wash up a lot of rubbish in the small harbour, on the beaches and shoreline. But what is also devastating that a lot of rubbish was dumped in the bushes or along the parking area. In general, litter throughout our island and waterways is a serious problem!

We were only a small group of friends & family but managed to collect around 48 big bags of rubbish, including beach umbrellas and a mattress. We also found a few pairs of undies, so please contact Paralimni municipality if you are looking for those. Big kudos to all our friends that joined & to pick up other peoples sh*t!

This is just the first of many clean-ups that we have planned for 2023 & we hope that if you cannot join one of our future clean-ups, hopefully you can join one organised & run by an organisation in your area, or even organise your own!

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