Hey Legends! Let us introduce ourselves…

As this is our first blog post, let’s give you a bit of an insight of who we are and why The Salty Souls were born and where we are headed.

On a late and starry night in August, there was a stillness like no other and from the sea foam rose…. Sorry but our birth was not as spectacular.

Basically, two beach bums & salt water junkies decided to start a sustainable beach brand because we found that our eco-friendly options to obtain sustainable gear in Cyprus were non-existent & the delivery of other sustainable brands to our island were limited or costly. Basically, we were paying more for delivery than the product was even worth. We wanted to build a clothing & accessory brand that incorporated the salty lifestyle & built awareness about the importance of the seas & oceans.

So we swallowed the red pill & the down the rabbit hole we went 😀 In February 2021, The Salty Souls brand was launched.

We provide high quality sustainable products that incorporate the salty lifestyle and leave an authentic positive impact on our planet, with the oceans & the community at our core.

We are Mother Nature lovers and appreciate what she offers us, that is why we make it our responsibility to adapt the way we do business, fight against climate change and to reassure that our planet is still there for the future generations. We inspire to do things differently! We believe in a future where apparel contributes to celebrating a healthier planet. A future without landfill & polluted seas, where everything is recycled or composted, created without harmful chemicals & produced ethically. Where both people and planet prosper.

We named the brand The Salty Souls because we see ourselves as more than just an independent brand, but rather as a community of like-minded souls. A salty soul is an ocean lover that's brave, free and as wild as the sea. A person that has the exact amount of salt in their veins as in the ocean. More than just a Thalassophile. We respect the seas & oceans, so we strive to reassure that our oceans & our planet is there for future generations. 


Positive impact high quality sustainable products

We put a lot of effort into sourcing the highest quality sustainable materials. All our T-shirts, totes & beanies are made of 100% OCS Organic Cotton and our sweatshirts are 80% Organic OCS Certified Cotton & 20% Recycled RCS Certified Polyester. Each sweatshirt recycles 5 plastic bottles of 1.5L. Our garments are produced using 90% less water than other clothing manufacturers & chemical & toxic Free. Our T-shirts & hoodies are 100% VEGAN & officially certified by PETA. We use only water based inks for printing. We use Repreve for our Buffs & our bum bags & backpacks are made out of recycled water bottles.

We contribute & help promote public good. We support to protect & empower workers throughout our supply network and collaborate with companies that improve the livelihoods and include fair wage solutions for their employees.

All our designs, product selection & creation is made specifically for the ocean lover community. It represents not only the community's passion from an athletic & lifestyle perspective but also the advocacy of marine life. Those that are advocates for the brand incorporate this lifestyle & have the same values.

Kind every step of the way - we are 100% plastic free! All packaging is made from recycled paper and we keep our supply chain as short as possible. We do not over produce stock and try to print on demand as much as possible.


The Community & Seas at our Core

We see it as our responsibility to give back. That is why we donate 5% of ALL GLOBAL ONLINE to Enalia Physis Environmental Research Centre. A Cyprus-based non-profit organisation with the mission to ensure the protection and sustainable use of marine and terrestrial resources through scientific research, advocacy, education and consultation.

We further support For every item purchased through our store, we remove 1kg of ocean bound waste!


So to finish off we would like to give a huge warm welcome to all of you that have embraced the brand so far & supported us along this journey 💙 It is just the beginning! 

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