We’re mindful of the impact we make on it & we strive to do more to lessen our impact. We’re making the small changes that will make a huge difference. The Salty Souls was founded for the ocean lovers with the ocean in mind. That’s why we believe that our organic cotton garments incorporate the salty lifestyle and practicality but also leave a positive impact on our planet.

Our garments are manufactured in a process that uses 90% less water than other clothing manufacturers, without use of chemical pesticides. All our T-shirts are made of 100% OCS Organic Cotton and our sweatshirts are 80% Organic OCS Certified Cotton & 20% Recycled RCS Certified Polyester. Each sweatshirt recycles 5 plastic bottles of 1.5L.
Our T-shirts & sweatshirts are 100% VEGAN (yes clothes can be vegan!) and officially certified by PETA as an approved vegan brand – no animals have been harmed in any part of the creation of our products.
All our prints are done using water based ink. That means, they don’t contain any of the toxic chemicals and instead it's comprised of naturally occurring substances while using less water to produce. Our suppliers around the world hold the highest certifications in the industry, ensuring the best working conditions and the highest level of sustainable production processes.
We are Mother Nature lovers and appreciate what she offers us, that is why we make it our responsibility to adapt the way we do business, to reassure that our oceans & our planet is still there for the future ocean lover generations. It’s our legacy!