Our mission is to clean & protect the ocean for generations to come. So, with every online purchase you are part of the change and the solution to save & protect our beautiful Planet!
We have partnered up with Enalia Physis and that means, 5% of ALL GLOBAL ONLINE SALES will be donated to this amazing organization. Enalia Physis Environmental Research Centre is a Cyprus-based non-profit organization with the mission to ensure the protection and sustainable use of marine and terrestrial resources through scientific research, advocacy, education and consultation in order to promote conservation through progress in political, cultural and social change.
We are deeply committed to making sustainable practices, ethical products and positive environmental impacts. With every online purchase you will not only be the owner of environmentally friendly produced gear, but also be contributing to protect our beautiful seas! Legends, it’s your ocean too!
For more information about Enalia Physis Environmental Research Centre check out: