To provide high quality sustainable products that incorporate the salty lifestyle and leave an authentic positive impact on our planet, with the oceans & the community at our core. We make it our responsibility to adapt the way we do business, fight against climate change and to reassure that our planet is still there for the future generations.
We inspire to do things differently!



A future where apparel contributes to celebrating a healthier planet.  A future without landfill & polluted seas, where everything is recycled or composted, created without harmful chemicals & produced ethically. Where both people and planet prosper. Most influential beach wear brand in the Mediterranean that inspires & connects a global community



We are committed to creating apparel & accessories using easy to care for, nontoxic materials from renewable resources and with the lowest environmental impact, in the most ethical manner and benefiting all people at every stage in the process. We are committed to lead by example & be the example that businesses can be run sustainably while improving the social, economic and environmental well-being of the planet & the sea/ocean communities.


 SALT (Authenticity, Quality & Integrity)
SOUL (Passion, Devotion & Heart)